june 9/10/11: whoops

Quickity quick – resolution for June 9? Take bad days and turn them into awesome. June 9th was a day with a rough start but I was determined not to let the whole day fall to shit. Sometimes when I get off to a rough start, I can’t seem to overcome to crap. But on Thursday I totally succeeded and the day ended with a kick ass date night (five years!) and a positive frame of mind, in spite of a looming cold. The resolution for June 10? Remember to power down when I have a cold. I used to be great at this. Never one to push the limits with illness, before having Budsie, if I got sick, I stayed home, drank my weight in tea and rode the sicky wave. There’s not much else to do really. But since having Budsie, I can’t ride the sicky wave quite that easily, what with there being a human being to look after and all. But I did cancel a playdate and I did forgive myself for eating nothing but bread and cheese and apples (my diet of choice when I feel like garbage) all day. I didn’t sleep but that can’t be helped.

Which brings us to today. I still feel like poo so I haven’t really accomplished much today. But! I did paint my toenails. ‘So what’ you say? ‘Pfft’ I reply. Painting my toenails is significant because it’s a silly thing to do with one’s time and I rarely have the opportunity to do silly things with my time anymore. But that’s not the fault of others – it’s me. Budsie gives me opportunities when he naps, A. gives me chances when he’s home at night or on the weekend, but somehow I always manage to fill the time with something else. Not today! Today I painted my toenails and it felt awesome. Unfortunately, I look like an idiot because I tried to freehand a french manicure, something I used to be awesome at. I must have had a steadier hand in highschool (this is fascinating to me since I lived on coffee, marijuana and cigarettes). *glances at feet* Seriously, I look like I let Budsie and Zoe do the painting. No matter. The resolution for today and this summer: paint my toenails and have nice sandal feet. Even though I don’t really wear sandals. Whatever.

Update on previous resolutions: I officially volunteer with Planned Parenthood Ottawa. Woot! And the reading list is going well – ‘Middlemarch’ is complete and I’ve moved on to ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ (sorry again, Charles). On a less positive note, the fructose-free/limited diet has been a bust due to the cold. I know, I know. There really shouldn’t be any excuses but when I’m sick, I want apples, chocolate, cheese, and all things baked. So I’m starting fresh tonight. Showering alone is going super well and is super duper awesome (see toenail experience above). Making dessert? Not that bad either. Tonight’s was berries with mascarpone cheese (sweetened a touch for A. and Budsie but not for me). Oh so tasty. Finally, I’ve upped our grocery bill and do not feel bad about it one bit. I didn’t stress at the shop today and I got some lovely goodies to make dinner for my menfolk with. *pats self on back*


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