june 8: sugar v. ezmy

Right, so there is no point in trying to catch up on resolutions and such. Let’s just write off this last week as seven days of madness. Mum was in town with Frenchie, we had a party for the kid, multiple hockey games of both the awesome and not so awesome variety, French Open finals, etc. etc. It took me all day yesterday just to feel back to normal again. But here we are and I’m ready to get back down to business.

First, let’s do a little reminiscing shall we? Today is June 8 and exactly one year ago today, I woke up with my one day old baby and thought “Holy hellfire, I have a one day old baby!”:

Gah! So teeny! Yesterday he turned one:

Madness. The first four weeks of his life craaaaaaaaawled by and now he’s one whole year old, sitting at Starbucks eating bagels and drinking milk like he’s been doing it for years. Wow.

Today is also cause for pause for me because on this day five years ago, I was considering canceling a date that a friend of mine set up. Well, I’m not sure she meant it to be a date per se. More of a meet and greet. The guy in question was coming from Halifax to stay for the weekend and JH thought we might hit it off so she arranged for herself, L2D, CCR and this gentleman to meet me at a local pub on June 9th. But on June 8th, I was exhausted from thesis-ing and frankly not that enthused about trying out the dating game given my previous record. So I almost canceled. But then I thought ‘Hmmm, he seems pretty cool and he’s super frickin’ funny so why not?’ So very very glad I didn’t cancel. *beams*

Finally, June 8 is also the day that I start my elimination month. BOOOOOO. But the thing is, it appears as though the stomach issues stem (in part) from a problem with sugar. More specifically, fructose. This is unsurprising given that I am lactose intolerant (a fact I frequently ignore much to the dismay of my stomach). I’ve been keeping a food diary for the last two months, see, and within hours of consuming something containing a high level of fructose, and especially something that has more fructose than glucose in it, my stomach starts to rebel in a most unpleasant way. The good news? I was tested for celiac’s and it’s not that. The bad news? If it’s a fructose malabsorption problem, I may still have to avoid the same foods as celiac sufferers. Sigh. Anyway, today’s resolution (you’ll notice I waited until after the kid’s birthday to start this one, not wanting to give up birthday cake awesomeness. Worth it) is to start the dang elimination month and see if sugar is a/one of the potential culprits. Lame with a capital ‘L’. This is seriously going to disrupt my ‘make dessert’ resolution. Time to get creative…


3 thoughts on “june 8: sugar v. ezmy

  1. Happy Birthday Little man! He is one cute child :)
    Good luck with the sugar. My sister recently was tested from a Naturopath due to stomach issues and is currently on a complete sugar fast. Be strong!

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