june 12: little big bread

Sample Sunday morning conversation:

A.: *decorating his Little Big Planet room* “I have seaweed on my face.”

Ezmy: *looks up from work* “Why do you have seaweed on your face?”

A.: “Well, obviously I got carried away putting seaweed on my wall and I got some on my face.”

Ezmy: “Obviously.”

A.: *removes seaweed from face* “Hey! Where did my seaweed go?”

Ezmy: “On your wall? I don’t know. Maybe you put it on your face instead.”

A: *sighs and begins to redecorate fictional wall with fictional seaweed*

Ezmy: *notices wall* “Why do you need seaweed? Don’t you like the purple flowers?”

A: *sighs* “I do like the purple flowers. But I also like the effect of seaweed and purple flowers.”

Ezmy: “I see.”

(Ezmy returns to work. A. returns to game, having applied a satisfactory amount of seaweed to his fictional wall. Minutes pass…)

A.: “I still have seaweed on my face! Fucking hell!”

Ah Sundays.

In other news, I was most irritated to discover that the bread I toasted to go with my tasty breakfast this morning has 10lbs of sugar in it. Seriously, has anyone ever noticed just how much sugar is in store bread? Un-freaking-believable. And I love bread. LOVE IT. Hmm. Time to take matters into my own hands. Quite literally – I’m going to make me some bread dough and bake up some loaves of tasty unsweetened bread-y goodness. That’s the resolution for today: bake more bread, thus reducing my sugar intake (and sulphites and other such things that do not belong in bread) and the budget needed for bread each week. Well, probably less on the money side but whatever.

Ooooh perhaps I’ll make some pizza dough while I’m at it…nom nom nom.


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