may 13: so many bags, so few evenings out

(Again with the forgetting to post things…well, you’ll just have a lot to read. And really, what better way to spend a Monday morning, right? Right.)

Today is Friday the 13th. This means absolutely nothing to me – I just thought I’d remind you.

Today is also Ezmy’s Night Out day. Unsurprisingly, having a baby really cuts into one’s social schedule. Damn babies, always stealing your time. The nerve. Anyway, I’m going out to the pub with LG tonight and am trying to pick something to wear. Before having children, going to the pub was a non-event that required no outfit planning whatsoever. Even when I was single, pub outings simply meant popping on my best pair of jeans and whatever shirt looked sexy, but not too sexy. A ‘oh this old thing?’ type of shirt. You know what I mean.

Since having Budsie, I find myself getting excited about wearing clothes and accessorizing with items that I simply can’t wear with the him around. Big earrings, necklaces, bracelets, small purses, nicer shirts and dresses that I’d like to see free of baby excrement, etc. Honestly, I just get so jazzed about the whole thing it’s a wonder I don’t walk out of the house looking like a Christmas tree, with every bracelet and bobble I own dangling from my person. But of course I don’t. Instead, I usually go with an old favourite necklace, a big gaudy ring that I adore, and a sleek black purse that goes well with everything.

It was while searching for said purse that I realized I should be making the most of these evenings out and trying out some new purses. As previously mentioned, I have a bunch of purses I never use. I could just get rid of them, but I feel as though I haven’t really given them a sporting chance to demonstrate their usefulness on an evening out. The sleek black number always gets preferential treatment and that seems unfair. So today’s resolution: extend the clothing resolution to the purses. Try them out and if they don’t work with anything, off to the Salvation Army they go. First up: the red faux leather clutch with gold hardware, purchased  in 1997 and used a total of three times since then. Wish her luck!


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