may 14: the Vogues stay

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling sister, Lady Heather. Many happy returns. You’re the bestest.

In my ongoing search for the cell phone charger, I re-discovered my magazine stash under a pile of cloth diapers and receiving blankets. I keep old magazines for various reasons. I often use the pictures to decorate presents and parcels and letters to friends and family. And I enjoy re-reading articles about celebrities. And I love love love cutting out pictures of crazy cool jewelry and boots that I’ll never own but can admire in my fashion/decoration oriented scrapbook. But as I was going through the stack (ok, stacks) of old fashion mag. fun, I started wondering to myself if I was really going to re-read that article about Kiera Knightley from 2007 or if I really ever used pictures from the dozen or so Shape magazines I own to wrap things (Shape is terrible for pictures). Hmmm, maybe it’s time for a cull.

Today’s resolution then: get rid of old magazines. Now technically, this resolution should also include Vogues. But it damn well won’t. I love my Vogues and they are going nowhere. I realize that eventually I will have to get rid of some. I mean, if I keep going this way I will need a room for them and that’s just sad (or is it? Yes, Ezmy, it is. It is.). But not today. Baby steps – the Elles are going to be painful enough.

Update on previous resolutions: the trim is painted (woot!) and the red faux leather number performed beautifully. She can even hold a small novel  (The Great Gatsby – best one I’ve covered on the booklist so far), something that the sleek black purse can’t do. So she stays. Well done, red faux leather clutch. Well done.

Update number two: cell phone charger found!! Excellent.


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