may 12: trim and rally

*Don’t chaaaaange me….and if you try to hold me back I might explode, baby by now you should know: I can’t be tamed!*

For some reason, I’m listening to this. I blame my sister for putting it on our wedding song list. I blame myself for not taking it off. I worry about myself for finding it catchy. Damn you, Miley Cyrus.


I couldn’t find my phone charger yesterday. But while I was looking for it in the disaster zone that is our room, it occured to me that much of the reason that our room looks the way it does is because it also houses all of Budsie’s stuff. Budsie’s room has been a work in progress for quite some time, due in no small part to the fact that it’s next to impossible to paint with a baby who naps inconsistently. That and the colour I chose required three coats. Oops. But A. has applied all three coats now so really, the only thing standing between me and a child-free/less clutter-y bedroom is the trim that I said I would paint. I said I would paint it and I meant it, but then I promptly forgot that I said it. Oh Ezmy.

So that’s today’s resolution: finish painting Budsie’s room. Tonight, when he goes to bed, I’m going to throw on my sexy painting clothes and paint the damn trim. Let’s get this kid into his own space! And perhaps in the move, I’ll find my cell phone charger. I’m really starting to wonder about this little white plastic box…where on Earth could it be??

In other news, I’m hoping to take Budsie to his first of what will likely be many rallies today. The “March for Life” anti-choice weanies are marching on Parliament Hill and (provided nap time allows) we’re going to join the pro-choice presence and do a little rallying of our own. I considered the fact the I’m imposing my views about this on my child, but I decided that if he wants to hate me for that when he’s older, he’s welcome to. This is an important issue for Mummy, Mr. Budsie, and she wants you to see that making yourself heard on important issues is, well, important.

*Thiiiisss is hoooow we doooo it. This is how we do it.* LG’s fault.


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