may 8: my first mum’s day

This morning I woke up to coffee and a nifty gift bag full of goodies including chocolate, tea, a good book and best of all, ‘Stranger than Fiction’, one of my all time favourite movies. YAYA for mum’s day! I must say, it feels weird to have a day all my own at this time of year. Weird but awesome. :D

In honour of mother’s day, I’m not going to do anything. That’s right. My resolution today: do nothing. By ‘nothing’ of course I mean read Vogue, drink obscene amounts of coffee, eat cake, and in the evening, switch to wine, movie and mac and cheese. Oh and play with the Budsie because playing with the Budsie is a blast. It’s going to be a good day, I can feel it.

Update on previous resolutions: BEET CAKE IS AWESOME. Ohmigod so good. Not dry at all, tasty, chocolate-y awesomeness. Definitely had some for breakfast. Would have some for lunch too if there was any left. Nom. I’ll post the recipe that I used (a combination of Ms VonDoom and OttawaOrganics plus a touch of my own creativity) soon. And when I do, you must make this cake immediately. Beets rock.


8 thoughts on “may 8: my first mum’s day

  1. Mmmm…I may have to test out your recipe when I get back to O-town. I have a belated bday cake to make for a certain chemist!

  2. We’re growing beets! So excited to have another thing to do with them, other than just pickling them to put on my veggie burgers :)

  3. Angela, I’m so glad your cake turned out well! Yay! It’s fun to have access to cake whenever you want. I’ve been talking about making a chocolate pudding cake for a few days now. Maybe I’ll get to it tonight. It looks like another fool-proof recipe! BEETS do rule!

    • chocolate pudding cake?? NOM! I will have to try it. YAYA for cakes that make me feel good about things. I’m going to try a lemon poppyseed teacake number next. I’m on a bit of a cake thing…

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