may 7: turning beets into cake

Budsie is 11 months old today – madness! In celebration of this momentous occasion, A., Budsie and I are off to other A.’s and rockin’ KM’s house for dinner.

Ok, so maybe we had the dinner plans before I remembered that he was 11 months old.

But still! It’s a big day. And I want to make a cake. The problem is, I rarely make good cakes. I’ve made one, ONE, that I was proud of (chocolate peanut butter awesomeness for the lovely LG). The rest have all been dry as dust and bland. But I really wanted good cake and the chocolate peanut butter awesomeness cake is a) a LOT of work and b) too expensive to make on a regular basis. Hmmm.

While I was considering this dilemma yesterday, I happened across Ms. VonDoom’s post about beet cake. Yummy, I thought. Then about 15 minutes later, the groceries arrived and low and behold, beets! AND a recipe for beet cake (the groceries come with recipes – having groceries delivered continues to rock my socks). I considered this a sign from whoever sends these things. Clearly I was meant to make beet cake.

So that’s today’s resolution: try my hand at a new cake with beets and see if I can better my cake baking resume. Other A. and rockin’ KM are good food sports so if it doesn’t turn out, no matter. But I really hope it does.


3 thoughts on “may 7: turning beets into cake

  1. Yay! I hope your beet cake turns out rockingly! With some rad icing, it should be, well, a piece of cake ;) The cake is a bit denser than most. We totally just winged it super late at night. Hope it’s tasty! Also: happy mother’s day!

  2. I want to know how it goes/went :) I bought a huge bag of beets once. The mess that I created with those things – UGGH!

    I think I may have sworn off fresh beets for life with the stains that I got on my hands and all over a kitchen that wasn’t mine (I was house sitting that year ;)

    So ya – let me know if you have any tips and tricks on how to do it well and easily :)

    • The mess was ok…certainly not great. Using a glass cutting board to grate the beets onto was most helpful (I’ve stained so many wood and plastic cutting boards with beets). A self-contained grater is also best. Baking soda can work pretty well to get the stains out of hands sometimes. Ah baking soda, the magical ingredient to everything.
      This cake is worth the mess though. I’ll post the recipe shortly. :D

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