may 6: dirty keys

(forgive the lateness – I wrote this and the following post and totally forgot to, you know, post them)

When I first started this resolution project, I was writing on our Mac laptop, a computer that I’m sure I’ve mentioned is covered in/filled with K-town war dust. But aside from the dust, it’s pretty clean and I like it. The problem though is that when I use this computer, I’m tempted to write on the couch or in bed and I never really feel like I have a workspace all my own.

Enter our dusty old desktop. It had been sitting in our kitchen all by it’s lonesome ever since we moved in. I hadn’t been using it because while on bedrest, the kitchen was like another country that I only visited for snacks. It might as well have been 3 billion miles away from the couch, that’s how often I was able to go in there. Later, the kitchen was my escape from the kid but still not the place I wanted to work in. But lately, work has picked up and the need for an office space that is seperate from the toy cupboard and madness has increased considerably. So here I sit, at the desktop that saw such glorious creations as That Horrid Paper for Vicker’s Class and The Master’s Thesis That Never Seemed To End. Ah memories.

Anyway so yesterday, Budsie managed to throw a cup of formula/milk all over the kitchen and some of it landed on the keyboard for the desktop. Not a big deal, but as I went to clean it I noticed something about this keyboard: it’s disgusting. Formula, coffee, bits of sandwich and god knows what else is stuck on the keys. A ridiculous amount of cat hair resides between the keys, so much so that you’d think Zoe was typing at night. And the frightening thing is that I don’t actually think I’ve ever cleaned the desktop keyboard. Or if I have, it was so long ago that I can’t remember. Either way, ewww.

So today’s resolution: clean the desktop keyboard and try to remember to do this more in future. Icky ick ick.


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