may 2: sure the inside looks good but…

I must say, having an organized fridge has done wonders for my eating habits. For one thing, it’s hard to reach for the junk when the apples are openly judging you from the crisper. And I no longer have 12 containers with varying levels of sour yogurt hanging out in the back of the fridge, which (unsurprisingly) has left room for more tasty greenery and pots of leftover soup. Excellent.

The same level of organization cannot be said for the outside of our fridge, however. I know what you’re thinking: who cares about the outside of the fridge? And that’s a fair question. But I’ve been on this big Clear the House of Junk and Clutter kick and the outside of our fridge is getting a little out of control:

What do you see here? Well, there’s a invitation to a diplomatic event that happened six months ago. Various pictures of friends and family, which is fine, but I hardly need three pictures of Budsie on the fridge. And some of the family ones, such as the picture of darling GabeyBaby, need to be framed. Our voter cards are there but not for long obviously. Also pictured: an ancient grocery list written on crinkly paper that should really be replaced by this week’s menu, a few phone numbers which are already logged into the computer, a business card for a winery we’ll likely never go to, a note from A. (*heart*), some funny George Bush and Sarah Palin quotes (staying!), a save-the-date card, a Turkish monkey from AH and KM who really belongs in Budsie’s room, and an assortment of fridge magnets.

Yeah, some of this stuff can definitely go. So today’s resolution: de-clutter the outside of the fridge. Check it:

All fridge magnets stay because they all rock. The picture of my awesome siblings stays for obvious reasons, as does the most recent picture of Budsie. And this week’s kick ass menu is posted to remind me of what strange new dishes I plan on trying out. A mushroom soup for lunch today, methinks. Nom!

Update on previous resolutions: Rodney Yee is trying to kill me, of this I am sure.


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