may 1: time to take stock again

What an awesome Sunday! I was sad not to be able to make it to the Kids in the Capital party but the little park vacation we had today was a good second place. Budsie is coming around to the idea of swings, thank goodness. I cannot WAIT to go on picnics with him in the park and go swinging together. Did I have the kid so that I could have an excuse to go swinging? Maybe…

Anyway, as it is the first of the month, I thought a recap of this last month’s resolutions might be in order. Just to see what the ol’ success rate is…

*Remember to charge what I’m worth – check! And it hasn’t meant a really serious downturn in business yet so yaya!
*De-xmas the house – check! The tree is down as are the snowflakes. Not a drop of xmas left upstairs. I still haven’t figured out where I’m going to put xmas…we seem to get more xmas every year and I’m running out of room for boxes that contain xmas. Hmm.
*Clean under the stairs – this started off well but then I found a few other storage procreation piles in our other storage spaces and now have to rearrange everything. Capital sigh. But I will prevail!
*Find new clients – check! I continue to send out cold emails and have heard some positive feedback. Nothing big but still – progress!
*Research, purchase and figure out new car seat – check checkity check!
*Complete taxes – check! But not as early as I would have liked.
*Stay on top of all laundry – check! And I’m super proud of this one, although it hasn’t been going on that long.
*Sell old stroller and buy new one – half check. The old stroller is unsold, but looks spiffy. And the new stroller is here and awesome.
*Research candidates – check!
*Donate dress – check!
*Fix purse – well, I have found a place. Just need to get off my buns and take the purse in now…
*Empty out email inbox – check! Nothing but emails from A. (which I simply can’t trash) and important emails from the last 6 months.
*Volunteer for a cause that’s important to me – check! Application in the mail…I’ll keep you posted.
*Unpack suitcases right after coming home – check! Again, I’m super proud of this one. Sure, the suitcases are sitting precariously on top of a pile of storage children in the closet but whatever. They aren’t in the hall, and they aren’t still full of dirty laundry and forgotten cosmetics. Baby steps.
*Re-organize front room – check! And I love our little breakfast nook. *beams*
*Donate cell phone – check!
*Stop with the damn junk food every time I leave the house – epic fail yesterday but I remain hopeful.

By my calculations, that’s a 76% success rate. Not bad, not bad at all. In terms of the other resolutions, I won’t bore you with details (not yet anyways) but overall I’m looking at a %74 success rate so far. Excellent. Room to grow, but still.

On that note, today’s resolution: clean that damn front hall closet. It was silly to leave it the other day and since A. was home, I thought it best to get on it. In my humble opinion, spring = no more mitten piles. And it’s spring now (do you hear that, snow? It’s spring goddamit!) so the mittens and the gross, salt-coated winter boots and the giganto winter coats can all just mosey on downstairs to the piles of Stuff To Sort and Be Ruthless With that seem to be taking over our room and Budsie’s. Some might look at this as just moving junk from one place to another, but it’s organized junk movement I swear. The closet looks spiffy, I can find the kid’s shoes, and if we have company over, there is somewhere to hang their coat and put their shoes. Success! (I suspect that my feelings of jubilation with respect to the clean front hall closet will be somewhat dampened later when I trip over a winter coat pile on the way to the loo…but whatever).

Remember: ELECTION DAY tomorrow!! VOTE!! Do it.


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