may 3: that dang plastic bag cupboard

Even though A. and I made the switch to cloth grocery bags a few years ago, we continue to collect a staggering number of plastic bags. They do come in handy – always good to have one in the diaper bag for emergencies and they do help with the cat litter these days. But lately (and by ‘lately’ I mean ages ago but I’ve been trying to ignore it) I’ve noticed that our grocery bag cupboard is getting a little crowded:

So crowded that the bags are actually trying to escape.

Today’s resolution: tackle the plastic bag cupboard. But what to do with them? I could get one of those Ikea plastic bag sorters but I’ve never had much luck with those. Hmmm…make a plastic bag doll? That sounds dangerous. I think perhaps finding a place that will recycle them is best. And it just so happens my local Metro does this! Woot.

In other news, did you happen to catch the election last night? Enormous Sigh. I’m thrilled for Jack, don’t get me wrong, but I want to punch Harper in his smug little face. Boo. BOOOOO I say.You know what? I don’t even want to write about it anymore. I’m just…disgusted.

Update on previous resolutions: I didn’t drink much water this morning; I was busy baking biscuits for Ms. FM and Mr. T. The thing is, I’ve been pretty amazing with the water consumption lately so MAN ALIVE did I feel it. Being hydrated is apparently addictive – who knew? Also strange? The biscuits are still here. I mean I had a couple during the Tuesday playdate but the rest are still here and not just because I was restrained by social graces from eating all 12 to myself. No, some small amount of will power lurks within me. A teensy weensy amount. *pats self on back*

*considers rewarding self with a biscuit…*


2 thoughts on “may 3: that dang plastic bag cupboard

  1. I’m trying to tune out anything I read/hear about the election. It’s disappointing, and scary and I think putting my head in the sand and pretending it isn’t really happening is a safe bet! :)

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