apr 30: ezmy is a lady

And therefore goes to lady shows. National ones, at that. And she certainly does NOT drink pints at a smelly wings bar and watch stupid UFC fights in which grown men dance around (I’m sorry but that’s EXACTLY what it looks like) and pretend to kick each other. Nor does she stay up even later to watch hockey players LOSE in double overtime. But more on that tomorrow.

I forgot to post today because I was at the lady show and then making food and then out with A. and EH and other A. for beverages and sports and then well, I just plum forgot. Or got a teensy weensy bit tipsy and decided to post at 1:27am…

Today’s resolution: to avoid junkfood while at the lady show. Oh dear, crazy fail. From the popcorn cheezies to the onion rings to the crazy wine samples to the pints of beer, Ezmy failed today. But tomorrow is a new day. One which will hopefully not include a teensy hangover but which instead will be full of apples and cheese and other healthy nibblies. Oh and water. Hmmm, I should probably go have some of that.



4 thoughts on “apr 30: ezmy is a lady

  1. OK..I’m confused. I thought I was a lady, BUT I LOOOVE watching UFC (They actually DO hit eachother, this isn’t WWE) and have no idea what a “Lady Show” is. Last Friday,while one woman I know was keeping her daughter home to watch the royal wedding, I kept my sons out of school to spend the day at the UFC 129 Fan Expo and think I was more excited than even they were!
    Let’s face it “Ladies” come in all shapes and sizes with different likes and dislikes..the one thing that connects us all is our general Fabulousness!
    Should you ever decided to give MMA a chance, let me know..I’ll give you some tips..you never know..you just might get hooked!

  2. Oh I was just being silly. I went to a National Women’s Show which was awful and then followed it with an extremely boring UFC fight where they really did just dance. I’m not a fan of UFC at all but I will watch with A. when it’s supposed to be good. This wasn’t. :P

  3. ok..I admit, the last fight, the main event, was a bit of a letdown (even though GSP is a FAVE in my house) but the other fights were AMAZING! Jumping front snap kicks, spinning back fists! That’s a whole lotta talent, technique and atheletic ability! (My kids have been training in Martial arts for more than half their lives..so it’s kind of our thing)

    But I totally understand how it’s not for everyone..I knew you were being silly..I was kinda afraid you’d think I was truly offended. :o)

    Live and let “dance” around a cage in front of 50 000 people, I guess!
    Happy Monday!

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