apr 14: stroller madness

Back when I was pregnant and ridiculously naive, I thought that I would be able to find one stroller that would fit all of my needs. A stroller is a stroller is a stroller, right?

Oh no sir.

Some strollers have tiny wheels and some have enormous wheels and some have wheels in between. Some strollers come with UV and rain covers and some don’t. Some strollers fold flat, some weigh 200 pounds, and some have 7000 different brakes. Some are for running, some are for walking, and some are for travelling. Some strollers hold trillions of babies. Some strollers face back and front. Some appear to face sideways. Some strollers can hold teensy babies and big babies, and some can only handle the middle-sized tots. Some strollers have teeny tiny baskets that I can only assume are meant for teeny tiny diaper pouches or cell phones, and some (the best ones) have enormous baskets that can fit an entire week’s worth of groceries. Some strollers aren’t actually strollers – they’re called ‘travel systems’.


I ended up going with a First Wheels City Elite stroller in raging red or rocking red or some such colour. It’s comfy looking, has a decent-sized basket and, most importantly, it has kick ass tires that handle snow and ice pretty well. Oh and it was on sale. And Budsie seems to like it. But I’ve been developing a pretty serious hatred towards this stroller for one simple reason: I can’t carry it up stairs. Which isn’t really the stroller’s fault. I’m the one who had the giganto baby and I’m the one who purchased a home that has stone stairs leading up to the front door. The stroller comes apart into two pieces and folds up pretty flat but none of this matters when you don’t have a car and do have a baby who is supposed to go where exactly when I fold this thing. Sigh.

So I need a new stroller. Well, technically I need two new strollers. I’d like a jogging stroller – you know, one of those fancy numbers with the enormous bicycle tires and long handle. And I’d like an umbrella stroller that I can recline, stop and fold using just one hand, for everyday use and for air travel. If only there was some sort of stroller coversion kit that could turn one stroller into any kind of stroller you needed that day. Because the thing is, I can’t afford two strollers. I can only afford one and that’s only if we sell the one I have right now. And the only way I’m going to sell the one I have right now is if I a) rid the stroller of the layers of salt dust and cheese bits that it’s covered in and b) the person buying said stroller doesn’t mind the fact that the seat bar has been chewed up all to hell.

So that’s today’s resolution: make stroller presentable so that someone will want to buy the stroller, thereby allowing me to buy another stroller. An umbrella one – the jogger will have to wait.

Update on previous resolutions: the laundry is done! Yes. Until tomorrow. Stupid diapers.


One thought on “apr 14: stroller madness

  1. I assume there is Kijiji in Ottawa? I’ll think good stroller Karma for you! They do make umbrella strollers that recline now.. SIL has some luxury mercedes-of-strollers one called the ICOO that is crazy on the feature front.
    Jogger would be good for Ottawa winters, eh?
    Even I, a car-owning, baby wearing, stroller loather, have three: an inherited kick-ass jogger (rust is no impediment to my style), a second hand Peg Perego Pliko (I probably didn’t need this after all, but was useful for first babysitter we had) and a yard sale double bike trailer/jogger (until the wheel broke!).

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