apr 13: vomit laundry (forgot to post)

Another fun title.

Yep, today is laundry day. Well, playdate with Capital Mom and then laundry day. I’m most excited about this playdate – it’ll be great for Budsie to have another pal to chum around with and The Boy looks like he will rock Budsie’s socks. Although to be fair, all kids rock Budsie’s socks right now. If they walk, all the better.

So the resolution for April 13 is to not let laundry pile up like this ever again. I think I have seven loads to get through, including diapers. UGH! I should have just popped a load in while my mum was here, but nooooo I had to just sit around on my ass the whole time and watch the laundry turn into a full grown laundry monster in my linen cupboard, a monster that started migrating into the bedroom some time over the weekend. Every scrap of clothing of mine and the kid’s, every sheet, every towel, and a scattering of A.’s clothes are in this pile. And don’t get me started about the diapers. Stupid water shut off. Stupid taking a week to recover from last week. Sigh.

Update of previous resolutions: I got halfway through the tax pile. But in my defense, the English language debates were on and I totally forgot about that. Thought Layton made a good show of it, although the ‘remember back when we were pals’ theme was kind of ridiculous. Iggy needs to reeelax. And Duceppe needs to leave the Bloc and become a Liberal or NDP-er or something so I can be ok with how amusing I find him. And Harper is a douchebag. But you already knew that.


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