apr 15: election season!

It’s election time again and while some of you (well, most of you) might find this irritating, I’m super excited. Ok, I’m not a fan of having a billion elections in a short space of time because let’s face it, we’re wasting money here. But as a die hard poliscigeek, election time is kind of like Superbowl for me. Or World Cup. Or some other sporting event that normal people follow.

Thankfully, A. feels the same way. So we’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting right into it, watching all the back and forth commentary on CBC, sighing and yelling at the debates, both English and French, and nattering on about nothing but election election election.Voting compasses and platform promises and scandals – oh my! Yeah, our child is going to be super cool.

But the one thing I haven’t done yet is have a looksie at the people running in my riding. Totally forgot about the fact that we moved and are no longer in Paul Dewar’s riding. I love Paul Dewar and even though I’m not entirely behind all that the NDP does, I voted for Dewar in the last election because he cares about the people in his riding and he gets shit done. Similarly, I voted for Brison in the election before the last one because well, he cares about the people in his riding and he gets shit done. This is important to me – arguably, it should be important to you too.

Once again, I find myself in a riding where the incumbant has been around since before I was old enough to vote. He’s a Liberal, which pleases me only because I know he’s going to win again and that’s one less seat that goes to the Assclown Party running our country at present. But other than that, I don’t know him. I don’t know anyone in this riding. So that’s today’s resolution: get to know Mauril Bélanger (Liberal), Trevor Haché (NDP), Caroline Rioux (Green), Rem Westland (Conservative), and Christian Legeais (Marxist-Leninist). I encourage you to do the same thing – take a few minutes out of your day and read about what the people running in your area are up to. Because even though the leaders may seem kind of lame, you’re not voting for the leader. You’re deciding who in your riding will best represent your interests on the Hill and voting for them. REMEMBER THAT! Oh and remember to vote. For the love of whatever, please vote. Only asshats don’t vote.


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