apr. 12: super fun tax math

I’m the kind of person who enjoys paperwork. I mean, I don’t enjoy what paperwork usually means; that is, I don’t enjoy filling out nonsense forms in duplicate or triplicate in order to get some relief from, say, my student loan payments. I don’t enjoy that. But I do enjoy the process of filling out paperwork, generally speaking. I like writing my name and address in block letters on things and I like double checking to make sure I’ve filled in the correct boxes. It’s a particular kind of simple task that pleases me. I’m an odd duck.

This love of paperwork does not transfer to online form filling, however. I find online form filling tedious. I glean no satisfaction from typing my name and address and suchlike into blank spaces. The difference, you see, is that with a pen, I’m forced to be neat and precise. Which I like. With a keyboard, meh.

So when it comes to doing my taxes, I loath and detest submitting online. I refuse to do it. It takes all the fun out of tax time for me. And tax time is stupidly fun for me. I like getting all of our T4s and receipts together, sorting them into the necessary piles, tearing the tax forms from the perforated tax package, making sure to get neat lines on the forms that will be my good copy. I like filling in draft versions of our taxes and double checking them for mistakes. I like hunting down the required information that is buried in one of our forms. I love love love filling in all of the little numbers and doing the tax math. Love it.

Clearly, I need help.

However, while I love tax time, I always forget about tax time. Especially when there is a lot going on, like baby and house and sick and blah. So I always wait until the last week to get to it, which is a problem for someone who likes to do it the long, hard copy way instead of the much shorter and much less fun online way. But not this year! Today’s resolution: finish our taxes and mail them tomorrow. Totally doable, even with a Mr. T. playdate this afternoon (for which I’m making scones for the second time. So we’ll see how that goes…real cream this time, methinks).

Update on previous resolutions: Car seat = purchased! Success. Also, my email is working again so yesterday I sent out a bunch of cold emails to people who might require my awesome services. The stuff children from the closet under the stairs are sitting in the hallway, ready to be bundled up and sent away to the Salvation Army. Oh and I am currently trying out a new outfit with little success – I found an old pair of knee high plaid socks which I think could work with something, just not the sweater dress I have on at present. I’m determined to give these knee socks a fighting chance. Perhaps with a grey wool skirt? Or perhaps they’ll become gloves…


4 thoughts on “apr. 12: super fun tax math

  1. But the upside of using something like ufile, is you can quickly model different scenarios with who in a family claims health expenses, tuition and other tax credits (does ontario have first-time homebuyer credit? we missed out by one year in NS) With graphs! It can mean a big difference in refund/payments.

  2. but it’s so much fun to try the different possible ways myself! I do so love teh problem solving aspect. :)
    we do have a first-time homebuyer credit, thank god. YAYA for awesome tax things.

  3. Yay for deductions! You will especially need those when you have freelance income to report. I got dinged the year i did a LOT of freelance.
    I like the paper math, too, but it just got too complicated. I need to finish ours before the election- so many gas receipts etc to count up.

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