apr 2: ezmy has standards

As a struggling freelance writer/editor/proofreader, I find it oh so tempting to accept whatever someone is willing to pay me because, well, I need the money. My little family needs the money. And really, what does it matter right? Ten bucks is ten bucks, even if it is ten bucks earned for plugging some crap product on my blog or writing a 300 word article on how to put together a bookshelf. Content writing is a big business and why shouldn’t Ezmy have a part of that pie, however small the crumb might be? Right?


April 2’s resolution: remember what I’m worth.

I am an intelligent person and a decent writer. I’m a fantastic editor and proofreader (except when it comes to my own work, which I seem to care less about). And I need to remember that I’m worth more than $5/hour or $1/page. And that it is totally acceptable for me to refuse jobs that pay in the equivalent of buttons or peanuts (unless you are a good friend who would like to exchange writing/proofing/editing for awesome buttons or fresh roasted peanuts).

I was fantastically successful with this resolution today. Yaya me! Now to maintain this momentum…






One thought on “apr 2: ezmy has standards

  1. Good for you. I know, it’s sometimes tempting to take whatever is offered, but as you say you’re worth so much more. If only everyone would remember that.

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