apr 3/4: goodbye xmas, hello stuff children in our closet

A little while ago, I posted a picture of my fireplace and you might have noticed that my Christmas tree was still up. We kept it up, see, because it was home to the toys that Budsie got for Christmas and since we hadn’t finished his room yet, we had nowhere to put said toys. Yes, we probably could have just put them in a pile in the living room and not kept the tree up, but the tree made the toy pile look nicer, in my humble opinion. And it’s not like I left the decorations on the tree – that would have been ridiculous. No, I totally took those down *cough, cough, infebruary, cough*.

Anyway, A. is finishing off Budsie’s room and my mum is coming to visit this week. Both events struck me as signs that it was time to take the tree down. So that was yesterday’s resolution: say a final goodbye to Christmas. With Budsie watching curiously, I dismantled the tree and brought the pieces downstairs where the tree’s box was waiting. I put the tree in the box and then went to put the box in the cupboard under our stairs.

Enter today’s resolution: clean out cupboard under our stairs. Yikes! I am 100% convinced that stuff in storage multiples by itself. Sexually active storage stuff, that’s what we have. Because there is just NO WAY that we had that much crap when we first moved into this place one year ago. I don’t even recognize some of it. Which means that some of it is obviously the offspring of our stuff. Stuff children. Well, they can’t stay in our closet because the dang tree needs to go in there. Watch out, stuff children, here comes Ezmy and she’s got a big bag marked ‘donation’ in her hands…


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