apr 1: a sibling for budsie?

HA! No. That was my lame attempt at an April Fool’s joke. It’ll be awhile before we do that again. I have a sort of ‘been there, got the T-shirt’ feeling towards pregnancy at present.

But given that it’s the first of the month, how about a review of the resolutions thus far?

“Good idea, Ezmy.”

Why thank you.

Resolution successes include:

*Finishing the wedding thank yous.  Ok, so they aren’t mailed out but they are almost mailed out. I have to put pictures in them and A. has to complete some of his family ones. But that’s still better than nothing. I give it til the end of next week.

*Stay in touch: I’ve emailed my brother a few times and text messaged photos of Budsie. Oh and I sent a couple of real letters, one to SZ and one to CW, so yayaya! Next real letter recipients? DS, NW, AB, and MF methinks (now I wonder if you know who you are…)

*Hunt down EI jerks: Well, I haven’t done that exactly. But I have insisted on going in front of a panel of reviewers to have my case reviewed again. I will prevail!

*Keep a plant alive: Edmund is still alive! And he doesn’t look too depressed.

*Sell wedding dress: Ok, it’s not sold but it is posted on Kijiji and PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com. Woot!

*Have totally awesome Thursdays: yesterday’s photo session = awesome success. Next week? No idea but I suspect beverages will be consumed.

Not so successful:

*Getting the damn CD out of this computer: Frankly, I’m just scared to try. Might be a better idea to bring it in somewhere…

*Tackle junk piles: So I managed to get the one in front of the fireplace sorted out but two more junk piles replaced it, one on my desk and one in my cupboard. How? Are they procreating? Sigh. Also, someone made my purse a mess again. And my diaper bag. Not me, but someone. Double sigh.

*Mascara eyes: I have no idea what my problem is here.


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