mar 31: head shots, both pretty and kick ass

Today was a pretty great day. I had super good times this the morning with SM, a new friend and photographer who helped me out with some last minute head shots for ‘A is for Alsace’. I spent the late morning/early afternoon feeling pretty jazzed about being a new contributor to A Little Bit of Food Sense, and eating way too many awesome apple muffins which are totally going in my next post for this nifty food blog. My lovely lady friend, Miss Knit, had her baby, IC, so now Budsie has a new little pal to chill with. And A. is on vacation until Monday so there are so many fun family times ahead!

So with all of this awesomeness, how did I manage to fit in a resolution too? Easy! Resolution for March 31: not let stomach issues hold me back from doing and enjoying awesome times. All too often I end up rescheduling on people because of my gut. And I could have rescheduled this morning but I really wanted to do the head shot fun and I’ll be damned if some digestive organ and his mean gang of insufficient enzymes are going to get in my way. Booyah! So in addition to getting to the root of the problem, I’m going to kick the problem’s psychological ass too. Hiyah!

I’m not really sure why I’m shouting out things for emphasis…it’s getting late…off to bed for me!


One thought on “mar 31: head shots, both pretty and kick ass

  1. Hi! Popping over from Kids in the Capital where I noticed that you’re from Van Isle. I’m a Sooke ex-pat, living in Ottawa (by way of Calgary and Halifax) so I thought I’d drop in and say hello to a fellow ex-Island girl. Also, because I love giving advice and you seem to be having some brutal stomach issues, I’d recommend you check out some info on a “paleo” diet (a good starting point: It’s certainly helped my husband and I and it seems many people with serious digestive issues get relief by following this elimination-diet approach.

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