mar 27/28: ezmy works therefore ezmy skimps

Skimps on the resolutions that is. Because I find it difficult to change habits or fix things that needed be fixed 300 years ago when I have a project on the go. Perhaps I should resolve to be a less whole-hearted person. But that seems like a lame idea.

Anyway, I did do a couple of things differently over the last couple of days. Resolution for March 27: figure out my Moby Wrap. I have two carriers, see, an Ergo and a Moby. I thought having a couple of options would be nice, particularly as A. and I are, you know, built differently. And I assumed (correctly) that the spiffy knapsack look to the Ergo would be more appealing to A. than the wrap. However, after a few attempts with the Moby, attempts which saw Budsie nearly fall down my front to the floor and which caused me to curse loudly, I gave up. Not permanently, I thought at the time, just until the kid can hold up his own head and doesn’t scream whenever I move him an inch from my boobage.

Yesterday was that time. The weather will get warmer (I mean it has to right? It can’t stay winter forever…right??) and the Ergo is far too heavy for me in the summer. So I pulled out the Moby, plunked Budsie on the bed and while he rolled around, I tried to figure out this giganto piece of cloth.  I do wish I could have taken pictures – I imagine a couple of the attempts to get Budsie strapped to me looked pretty darn hilarious. Alas, my little boy is no good with a camera so your imagination will have to suffice. It took SEVERAL attempts before we found one that worked. But we did find it. YAYA!

And the resolution for March 28? Remember that Monday’s are the day the grocery order needs to go through.I have a standing produce order which my handsome delivery boy brings to me on Fridays but I need to remember to add soy milk and bread so that Budsie isn’t stuck eating crappy bread all week and I’m not stuck drinking over-priced soy beverage. Success for today…we’ll see if I can remember again next week.

On an unrelated note, when you’ve been editing using track changes for the past two days, regular typing is weird. I need to go to bed now as I seem to be seeing red and blue where there is no red or blue. Tata!


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