mar 29: diapers diapers diapers

So I love my cloth diapers. I love how easy they are and I love the colours. I’m a little frustrated that pants don’t fit Budsie properly but whatever.

What I do NOT like about my diapers is the laundry. And it’s not really even the laundry itself that’s the problem – it’s that I forget to do it and then get stuck with disposable diapers and (much worse for my boy’s derriere) wipes and stinky garbage. Ugh. And if you too use cloth diapers, you know what happens if you wait an extra day to get to that laundry. Ick ick ick smell. Blech.

The trick is to pop the diapers in the wash when the kid is in the last one. Seems straightforward enough but somehow I always drop the ball. So that’s today’s resolution: get to the dang diapers before the troll smell does. I’m really going to give this one my all. The smell is just too awful.

Oops, I had more to write but I’ve been sicky today…boo. Will write more later perhaps.


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