mar 26: turning clothes into cash, part 2

Some of you might remember that before I got married, I purchased two wedding dresses. The first was purchased before I got pregnant and the second was purchased during a brief moment of ohmygodtheweddingisintwomonthshowwillieverweartheweddingdress insanity. I was in fact able to wear the first one, so the second one stayed in its garment bag and made its way to the back of my closet. It now spends its time with my prom dress and a black lace-y number I haven’t worn since my cousin’s wedding in 2006.

I have a really hard time getting rid of dresses. I’m pretty ruthless when it comes to most clothing, particularly shirts, but dresses, purses and shoes often stay waaaay past their expiration date. Only when I moved out with A. did I finally get rid of my pink platform running shoes (you read that right) circa 1995. A small, faux alligator, pentagon-shaped bag and a red and gold square clutch have never seen the light of day. And the prom dress? When am I ever going to wear a floor length spearmint green number with rhinestone straps? Particularly one that was made for an 18 year old with an abnormally small waist and crazy huge boobage. Never, that’s when.

But a wedding dress is really pushing it. Especially one that I didn’t actually wear to my wedding and that is now four sizes too big. So the resolution for March 26: put Wedding Dress Number Two up for sale. A. is going to take pictures tonight and then up for sale it goes. So if you know anyone getting married this summer…

An update on previous resolutions: Pilates everyday might not kill you, but your stomach will never unflex again. Just in case you wondered.





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