mar 24/25: here comes the sun

Oh the sun is out and all the little furry animals are scurrying about. Cute? Yes. Irritating when one forgets to put the garbage in the bin and instead leaves it on the deck over night? Oh very. Over the winter it didn’t matter if I forgot to do this because the cats/raccoons/squirrels/skunks were too busy being cold to care about what goodies were buried in the garbage. But last night I put two kitchen bags of garbage out and forgot to put them in the bin. By the time I remembered, it was 10pm and I didn’t want to put them in the bin. The bin is under our back stairs you see, and it’s scary under there.

That’s right. I’m now dealing with piles of rotting food on my deck because I was too scared to go out in the dark. Good god Ezmy.

So resolution for March 25? Always take garbage straight down to the bin.

I was far too busy for blogging yesterday. The morning started off with me packing up clothes (successful March 23 resolution! Thank you Kijiji) to send to a foster baby in small town Ontario. Then it was off for coffee with LG, then back for more organizing of clothes (putting together another box for Boomerang) and then laundry, cooking, and of course playtime with the kiddo. Phew!

What I wanted to blog about yesterday was this:

While walking in the sunny sunshine, I passed all of these high school kids who were walking home at the end of the school day. Crowds of them laughing about, not one of them wearing a coat even though it was below zero (remember that? Remember being too cool for coats??HA! Bring on the coat I say!). And I suddenly remembered how much I used to LOVE Thursdays when I was in school. Not as much as Fridays, of course, but in high school, Thursdays were the beginning of relaxation time. I could stay up late on Thursday night because all that was left was Friday. Oh and I never had a band or choir practice Friday morning, so I could go in later if I wanted to. Woot!

Thursdays maintained their status as second best day of the week through the first two years of my undergrad because a) I considered Friday classes optional (I considered all classes optional during these two years but Fridays particularly so) and b) there were always wicked drink specials on Thursdays (1$ drinks at Blues House? YES PLEASE!). Even in my last three years of undergrad and into grad school, when I was much more serious, I often goofed around on Thursdays knowing that I only had one class the next day and I could probably manage it hungover.

When you’re at home with a baby, days start to lose all meaning. And that makes me feel out of touch with the rest of the world. So the resolution for yesterday is this: try to do awesome things on Thursdays. Set dates with LG or go to the pub with A. or try something new with the kiddo or whatever. Make Thursdays rock again. I wasn’t super successful with this yesterday but I’m sure as hell going to succeed next week. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet…but it’s going to kick ass.


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