mar 23: turning clothes into cash, part 1

A. and I spent Sunday shopping for the Budsie (thank you, leftover HBC wedding gift cards!). He’s almost 10 months old now but is built like a 1 year old, except for his caboose which rivals the average 2 year old. PJs were in order as were some spring T-shirts, light sweaters and sweatpants. Oh and socks. So basically everything.

I’ve been pretty good about culling Budsie’s wardrobe every so often, removing the too small stuff and whatnot. But this organization has only gone so far as putting the too small clothes into a now very full cardboard box. What I really need to do is sit down and sort through these clothes to decide what can be consigned and what can’t. And I suppose I have to consider whether or not we should keep anything for, you know, future use. However, since the idea of having a second kid scares the ever-loving crap out of me, I’m choosing to think about ‘future use’ as ‘for donation to a special nephew’.

So that’s the resolution for March 23: sort clothes and decide what goes and what stays. Then tomorrow, Budsie and I will make a trip out to Boomerang Kids and see what’s what.

In other news, while I hate most kids’ shows, I have recently discovered ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ and may I just say: AWESOME. So the list of acceptable cartoons now includes:

*Penguins of Madagascar

*Charlie and Lola


*Little Princess

Just in case you wondered.


5 thoughts on “mar 23: turning clothes into cash, part 1

  1. What, no Dora?
    At our house we are fully into Hanna Montana, iCarly and Wizards of Some Sort of Place….all will probably fit into your list of “not acceptable” shows. But hey, these shows give me time to myself, which makes our decision to have that second child seem more palatable ;)
    Kidding, love the little dears to bits.

  2. Whatever works, right? I have no issue with Dora but as the cartoons are more for me than for the kid at this stage, I can afford to be more choosy. My niece is obsessed with Dora!

  3. There is an awesome consignment sale at the Glebe community centre on April 17th. They have it twice a year and I buy all my clothes there. And I sell stuff there too.

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