mar 22: yogarific

Before having Ewan, I graduated from my beginner DVD to my intermediate DVD for yoga. Enter Rodney Yee and the cursed headstand. Oh and the damn crow pose. I’m pretty decent at balance poses; indeed, I prefer them (standing in a version of tree pose while doing dishes? Yeah I’m that type of lady). But I just can’t seem to get myself into a headstand (here’s where having an instructor would probably help…if only I could afford classes). It’s against my natural instincts. Something in my head says “standing on your head ain’t right, Ezmy” every time I try to go for it. And you can’t chicken out half way through a headstand – it’s sort of an all or nothing event. As for the crow pose, oddly, in spite of being able to cart around a 23lb weight all day, I don’t seem to have the upper body strength for this yet. So every time Mr. Yee makes this damn pose look easy, I want to punch him in the face.

Therefore the resolution for March 22: to master everything on this intermediate DVD, including the headstands and crow pose, by the end of the year. I returned to almost daily yoga practice a short time after Ewan was born so this really shouldn’t be a problem (although much of my yoga recently has been meditative rather than salutations and such…). I figure as long as I make a date with Mr. Yee every second day or so, I should ultimately be successful. We shall see.

An update on previous resolutions: My abs are crying. And mashed prunes, much like mashed potatoes, need to be cleaned immediately. If not sooner.



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