mar 21: first day of spring my ass

Does that look like spring to you? That’s the view from my kitchen. So yeah, the resolution from yesterday is sort of hooped.

Or is it? March 21st resolution: to not let Mother Nature decide whether or not I get to improve my mood. Pfft to Mother Nature, I say. So because I couldn’t run this morning, I whipped out an ancient Pilates DVD and popped it into the ol’ Playstation (well, I dusted it off, broke the cover trying to open it because it had apparently been sealed by the sands of time, fiddled with the Playstation for ten minutes, and then finally got the damn thing running). Forty minutes of stomach-wrenching workout later, I felt much better. Well, I wanted to vomit from the pain, but other than that.

So in the battle Depression vs. Pilates, the score is 1-o for Pilates. I give Depression a week and she’ll totally give up. HA! Take that!

An update on previous resolutions: I’m not a super huge fan of Jerusalem artichokes, I gotta say. Way too much peeling work for what amounts to a pretty bland root vegetable. Give me a parsnip over the Jerusalem artichoke any day of the week.


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