mar 20: ezmy resolves to…

…run three times this week. A. is back, the sun is out (don’t talk to me about snow tonight – I do not care to hear it), and my running shoes have an inch of dust on them. I say “run” but really light jogging for about 20 minutes is probably all I’ll be capable of. Sad, really, but that’s what happens when you take a almost two years off. The ultimate goal, of course, is to run a race of some kind. Back in 2009, shooting for a full marathon was not a ridiculous goal. However I think at this point shooting for a half marathon for next year is about as ambitious as I can be.

I’m hoping the running will help with my mood. I’ve been particularly blue lately. No reason – just run of the mill depression that sets in once every few months. Most lame. My menfolk do cheer me up, but depression is a powerful bitch. Chemical imbalances do NOT rock my socks.

Oops, Mr. Budsie is up. Back to it….



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