mar 19: ezmy resolves to…

…learn how to play guitar. Obviously not all in one day.

I purchased an acoustic guitar back in 2001, when I was working as a waitress at a tiny Thai place and making mad tips. Could I have dumped these tips on my student loan? Sure. But I could also buy an awesome guitar and be a cool guitar player. Hmmm, which do you think 21 year old Ezmy was going to pick?

I goofed around with it for awhile but like most hobbies I took up at this age, guitar playing quickly fell to the wayside in favour of heavy drinking and dancing, both of which were much more instantly gratifying. When I left Toronto in 2003, the guitar somehow ended up at my mum’s place and there it has remained until a week or so ago when Frenchie brought it to Ottawa.

I laughed my ass off when I first pulled it out of its dusty soft cover. Man, the stickers on this badboy. What. Was. I. Thinking? One of them actually says “Let’s Fuck Tonight”. Oh 21 year old Ezmy. But stickers aside, this thing still rocks. And I still have the beginner guitar book I picked up back then too.

So why not, right? Can’t hurt to learn another instrument and this might be fun for Budsie. I’m suddenly getting visions of Budsie and I sitting in the park, me playing fun songs and him running around. Yep, 21 year old Ezmy is vomiting somewhere.




3 thoughts on “mar 19: ezmy resolves to…

  1. LOL. I picked up a guitar, let it fall to the wayside, and picked it back up again, all with roughly the same timings and for the same reasons. I played Redemption Song so many times while I was expecting S that we joked she would be born with dreads. And I can almost play Puff the Magic Dragon, but these days it makes me cry.

    Yeah, my 20-sthg self would probably be laughing pretty hard now too.

    Incidentally, play it now, while you can. It gets a lot harder when you have someone else who want to play it “with” you :)

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