catch up resolution #2:

Figure out how to work the fake fireplace.

Yeah, I started to do this but I can’t find the instructions. And honestly, I’m a little worried about burning the house down. Which I realize is unlikely with a fake fireplace, but I’m not taking any chances. This is a resolution that will happen once A. is back from NY.

So what to do instead?

Well, I could clean the junk up from in front of the fireplace….

Before you ask, that is not a Christmas tree. That is a fake tree that theoretically could be used as a Christmas tree but is currently being used as a place to keep toys while Budsie’s room is being painted. But that is a Valentine on the mantel. What? Budsie likes it.

The problem with cleaning the junk away from the fireplace is that I have nowhere to put it. It’s the last remaining pile of stuff from my mum’s house; Frenchie brought it with him a couple of days ago. It’s full of things like old report cards, newspaper clippings, my babybook, and some terrible sketches I did back in highschool. I should probably just toss most of it. But instead I think the catch-up resolution will be to sort through it, find the good stuff, and get rid of the rest. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.




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