mar 10/11: ezmy resolves to…

…1) clean out her fridge and 2) clean out her pantry.

Yesterday was fridge day. It wasn’t pretty, let me tell you. Leftovers, like soaking beans, have a tendency to migrate to the back of the fridge. I assume that the ancient box of baking soda must have quite the personality because everyone seems to want to chill with him. Yesterday I found the following crowd of products making nice with Mr. B. Soda:

*scrambled eggs in a pie plate (?)

*a Ziploc container with what I suspect was a broccoli-based dish…I hope it was a broccoli-based dish…

*leftover vegan shephards pie (I was pissed about this. I love leftover vegan shephards pie and must have just forgotten about it…curses).

*salsa. Not the worst thing to find in your fridge until you realize that a) you can’t remember when you last purchased salsa and b) the lid is fused to the container.

*table cream. Table cream?? When and why did I buy table cream?

*something that resembled a leafy green. Kale perhaps?

*hummus that was still good (score!).

*a sad little half onion.

*something that had adjusted to the cold refrigerator climate by growing a woolly sweater…ugh.

Ick. But it’s all clean now. And just in time too – hot delivery guy will be bringing my groceries today! Woot!

Before he gets here, however, I need to clean out the pantry. There shouldn’t be any surprises here. The odd bag of stale grain or a dusty tin of beans perhaps. If I’m super lucky, I’ll find chocolate (I’m fantastic at hiding chocolate on myself – unless that chocolate is a chocolate almond. Impossible to hide chocolate almonds). Chocolate which I’ll have to eat in spite of my previous resolution. Why? Well it might go bad. Can’t have that.

And speaking of previous resolutions, stay tuned for posts concerning the pile of junk I’m still sorting through. I found a few drawings from kindergarten and stories from grade school that might just find themselves posted in the blogosphere…


2 thoughts on “mar 10/11: ezmy resolves to…

  1. I often end up throwing away the whole tupperware containing food with the furry sweaters rather than trying to sterilize it for re-use. I hate being so wasteful, but I don’t know how to keep on top of all of the old food in the fridge. Especially when we often over-buy fresh vegetables. Ugh.

  2. I do the same with the tupperware. Terrible eh? Our vegetables usually make it but it’s the leftovers, particularly when my husband is out of town. He takes them for lunch. I just forget they exist altogether. Oh there have been some wicked bad discoveries…

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