catch up resolution #1:

Fix the pepper grinder. We got these spiffy salt and pepper grinders for our wedding and the other day (read: three weeks ago), the top of the pepper grinder snapped in half. Clearly we were grinding our pepper too hard *snicker*.

I never knew how much fresh ground pepper A. and I go through until our supply was cut off. It’s kind of amazing it’s taken this long to fix this. Well, it would be amazing if my supreme laziness hadn’t already been established. Anyway, I want to make macaroni and cheese tonight and this dish is just not complete without pepper. So here we go:

Step one: lay out the pieces of broken pepper grinder

*pictured here with Edmund who is STILL ALIVE!

Step two: inspect two halves to figure out where the best place to apply Krazy glue is

Step three: find Krazy glue

Step four: glue finger to one half of broken pepper grinder. GODDAMNIT. Every single time I use this damn glue. HOW!?

Step five: once glue has dried, fill grinder with pepper again

Step six: test out grinder on table. BREAK GRINDER AGAIN!!

Step seven: curse the makers of Krazy glue and their claim that it works on everything. My theory? Krazy glue only works on skin.

Sigh. Well, time to buy a new pepper grinder.


4 thoughts on “catch up resolution #1:

  1. Oh dear, poor Claire.

    Edmund is hanging in there but I suspect he’s getting lonely. I’m considering the purchase of a lady plant. Perhaps a cactus? We shall see….

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