mar 4: ezmy resolves to…

…get the Hidden Cameras CD out of her Mac. Don’t get me wrong, I like this album. It’s wicked good, in fact. But it’s been stuck in my disc drive for, hmmm, a year or so.

Yes, a year or so.

See, A. took the Mac to K-town with him. And K-town is full to the brim with K-town war dust. So much war dust that when A. returned after his year long stint, I was cleaning K-town war dust off of furniture/shoes/clothes for a good couple of months. And apparently some K-town war dust got inside the computer because when A. popped his (at the time) new Hidden Cameras CD in, it stayed there. To chill with the dust. I get it – I mean this dust probably has some crazy stories of life in K-town. But enough is enough.

I keep putting this job off because it means taking apart my laptop and what if I do it wrong? What if I can’t use the computer for ages after? This laptop rocks my socks and without it, I would be most sad. More to the point, I would be unable to post in bed or on the couch. I’d have to (gasp!) sit at the computer desk in the too cold kitchen. Yuck.

But I really want a working disc drive. I want to be able to fulfill February 11’s resolution. So tonight I’m going to haul out my miniature screwdriver set and fix this bay boy. Or make things worse. Only time will tell.

Update: Tea cups rock. But finding grinds in my coffee does not.


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