mar 5/6: ezmy resolves to…

…clean out her purse. Every time I go to purchase something, I can feel the people in line behind me glaring at me as I rummage through this bag trying to find my Air Miles card or debit card or what have you. It’s really getting out of hand. Have a looksie:

So having my spiffy NY mittens in there is necessary because of the weather. Not necessary? The three gloves that are underneath that wallet (one pair, one random…curses). The pretty pink lip gloss has NEVER been used because the colour is terrible for me. No idea how it ended up in the purse instead of the bin. The wallet is an obvious disaster, full of receipts for purchases from 200 years ago. Oh and that hair elastic? Yeah, this is what my hair looks like:

aaaaand this is what it looked like about 4 months ago:

Right, so the purse needs to be cleaned out. That’s tonight’s task.

Yesterday’s resolution wasn’t posted because sexy AB was in town for a visit. Originally this visit was supposed to include another sexy Wallace Woman, MF. But MF came down with the flu. Boo! Good times were still had – any weekend with sexy AB is a wicked good time, usually full of Guinness, picky food, wine, shopping, wine, chocolate. But a full on Women of Wallace reunion is way overdue. Soon!

Anyway, yesterday’s resolution was simple: replace Brita filter. I’m terrible at remembering this and then I wake up one day and my water tastes all silty. Ick. I have one of those little plastic calendars on the side of my Brita but I always forget about it too. Well no more! At least not this year. I resolve to replace the damn filter before drinking sand. Exciting, no? :P

Off to watch some HIMYM reruns and type-ity type type.



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