mar 3: ezmy resolves to…


…write more real letters. I have this beautiful stationary and I really would like to use it to write real letters. I love writing real letters although my penmanship is incredibly poor. I used to write well and then the laptop happened. Years of cursive training out the window in a matter of a school semester. But if I concentrate super hard, I’m sure I can manage a legible sentence or two. And who doesn’t love getting proper mail, however poorly written? Nobody, that’s who.

My first letter will go out to my lovely cousin Samantha Zaunscherb. I see far too little of Sam. I have no money, she’s still in high school, and she lives all the way out in BC, so the opportunities for visiting are minimal. Boo. But she’s a gorgeous person who deserves proper mail. With a nice stamp (thank you, Canada Post, for your spiffy Chinese New Year stamps!).

An update on previous resolutions: The thank you notes are coming along nicely, thank god. I had forgotten how many I’d already done so at 3 per day I should be done by the end of next week. Woot! The calendar has become a full on ritual now so that’s good. Saturday Budsie Breakfasts continue to rock, although I could certainly use some new fun ideas. Fun breakfasts for babies – any thoughts?

On the flip side, I’ve had a terrible time getting motivated to lose the last ten pounds. What didn’t help: baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies for A. because he was sick. I may or may not have eaten half of these cookies in two days. Yikes! But so far so good today. Of course, there’s a Wallace Women reunion this weekend. Hmmm, maybe next week is a better time to start that resolution…


4 thoughts on “mar 3: ezmy resolves to…

  1. Waffle “sticks” with syrup “dipping sauce” ;) egg in a nest, almost like French toast but the egg goes in the middle & there’s no milk involved. That’s if he eats eggs because my two won’t touch eggs so Saturday breakfasts are a treat like my famous lucky charms or pancakes etc :) you can give anything a cute twist by cutting into shapes, making faces or decorate using fruit & give it a spiffy name ;) kids love that!

  2. Thanks for the ideas ladies! The Budsie does enjoy a good egg cooked in any fashion (although I think scrambled with dill is his favourite…easy to pick up and all). I like the idea of decorating with fruit – perhaps some kiwi ears on a baby oatmeal pancake? Kiwi mouse! :D

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