mar 1: ezmy resolves to…

…mail the pile of post that is sitting on the railing. This mail pile includes, among other things, two framed copies of Budsie’s Santa photo…oops. When he wakes up, we’re going for a little outing to the post office before our walk.

Mailing the post is going to clear up a big space on our stair railing so a second resolution is in order here: don’t fill that space with more crap. If something needs to be mailed, bloody well mail it! It’s not like the post office is miles away – I can see it from my front door. I can walk there in 1 minute. To be fair, the line-up is unpredictable and if Budsie is in a mood, well, there’s no point in going. Still, my boy is rarely in a mood. It’s just me being lazy.

In other news, I’m off to get a haircut tonight. Chopping ‘er off pixie style – my bangs are too long and I’m getting dangerously close to mullet territory in the back. This is my biggest pet peeve about having short hair – mullet tails. I like a neat and super short pixie, not Liza Minnelli tails. Ugh. I’ve also decided that since I’m going to be out by myself anyways, I might as well make a night of it. So I’m going to do a bit of window shopping and then stop off at a Starbucks and have a latte and call AB. I’m going to chat and read Vogue and sip my tasty beverage and for a few brief moments forget that I have a house full of laundry and dishes and errands and baby and etc. waiting for me when I return…


2 thoughts on “mar 1: ezmy resolves to…

  1. Me, I like to drive around aimlessly, preferably in an area that doesn’t have cellphone service, pull over and knit in the car for a while. Lame? Possibly. Necessary to maintain my sanity? Without a doubt.

    Enjoy your evening (and fancy new ‘do!)

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