in: groceries delivered; out: leggings

The following is a list of reasons why I will order as much of my groceries online as I can from now on:

-none of the produce was molded/mottled/mangled. I hate buying bags of apples only to find that 3/4 of the bag is gross. Plus, they included a WHOLE PINEAPPLE. Nom.

-also included was a plantable lettuce AND basil plant. Now, this is dangerous territory for me…we all know my plant problem. Still, what better way to really dive into a resolution than add more challenges? And I do so want to grow lettuces. In part because I like to say ‘lettuces’. Tee hee.

-I understood all of the ingredients listed in the bread.

-the delivery guy was OH SO hot.

Yep, online grocery ordering was a huge success. The closest I’ve come to my awesome shopping trips to Herb & Spice, which I can’t do anymore because it’s too far away.


The following is a list of reasons why leggings were, are, and always will be a poor fashion choice:

-they do not replace pants (despite what many women seem to think) and yet they cannot be worn with skirts without one looking like they rolled out of 1982 (and not in a good way).

-they do not wear well. That is, the colours dim quickly. Or maybe that’s just mine. I had a rockin’ red pair and they look more mauve-y now…ugh.

-they get holes and you don’t notice until you’re out somewhere and then what can you do? Again, maybe that’s just me…

-there’s nowhere to put them in one’s closet. They get lost in the pants, they don’t hang well, they don’t go with the tights because they have no feet and then one thinks that they are tights and gets excited about an outfit with red tights only to realize that they are leggings. OK, that’s definitely just me. Whatever.

The leggings are gone.


3 thoughts on “in: groceries delivered; out: leggings

  1. They are a replacement for pants if you are under 10. Well, maybe under 4 or 5 for boys.. depending on how liberal or shakesperean you are

  2. I have no real issue with leggings for everyone else, but for me they must go. I will miss my black ones (and may just keep one pair of them for emergencies) but the others are leaving.

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