feb 25: ezmy resolves to…

…stay in better touch with her brother. I have a little brother, IL, who lives out West and I only get to see him about once each year. Sometimes less. He is one of the loveliest men I know and he has a lovely wifey too. Oh and she’s having a baby. So I should really keep in touch better. I’ve been missing IL terribly, although not for any specific reason. I’m just homesick all over the place these days. This is particularly odd for two reasons: a) I haven’t been “home” to QB in 9 years and it’s never bugged me until today because b) I hated it there. I mean I had some good friends, but my experience with island living left me less than satisfied. I’m not one for small towns.

But a few days ago, I was struck with homesickness. Maybe it was because I heard this Bon Jovi song that I hadn’t heard in ages. It was one my old high school bf, BH, used to play in his truck and upon hearing it I was suddenly thrown back to the ’90s. I was sitting in the Scottsdale, heading back from Whiskey Creek gas station, smoking my Du Maurier Extra Lights and planning a fun-filled night of hanging out on the QB boardwalk, waiting for something to happen (yeah, it’s a seriously small town my friends). Oh those were the days. I spent a crazy amount of time back then feeling miserable. Like I said, I’m not one for small towns and this particular town just never felt like home to me. Even less so after my parents’ divorce. But when I was happy, I was hanging out at the Hillsden’s or wandering along the boardwalk listening to the ocean. Man, do I miss the ocean.

Anyway, that’s the tone of today. Homesickness, which almost always leads me to miss my brother the most because I talk to him the least and I’m not sure why that is. I’m going to go email him now.

Update on previous resolutions: Alright, so I had a Werther’s last night. But to my credit, it’s been the only one since the resolution which ain’t half bad for a gal who used to suck back 5 or 6 each night. A. gave me a hard time about it, hehe. Everything else is coming along swimmingly – Edmund is still alive, water consumption is good, calendar is getting easier, I have a new outfit on today that I think I like, although I’m not sure I can pull off leggings at present. Give it time, and a few more lost pregnancy pounds, and I might be able to. I’m going to try a walk today but I have to wait until my delivered groceries get here. More on that in a later post…


3 thoughts on “feb 25: ezmy resolves to…

  1. Thanks Lara! I didn’t get out in the end – the boy was just not up for it. But the groceries were a huge success. Most excited about my pineapple… :D

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