feb 16: ezmy resolves to…

…stop eating Kraft peanut butter. Why? Because I don’t think corn dextrin and hydrogenated vegetable oil should play that big a role in my breakfast. Ick.

I’ve never been a big fan of Kraft peanut butter, although for a time I was envious of other kids who got to have this instead of the “gross natural” stuff that was all separated (my mother was big into healthy, no nonsense eating, which meant that Kraft Dinner, fun peanut butter and sugary cereals rarely, if ever crossed the threshold of my childhood home). Generally speaking, I find the hydrogenated stuff too sugary. Sort of takes the place of jam. Except that I like jam (unless it’s strawberry which is just gross. I’m sorry but it is).

So when I moved out, the natural stuff by Bulk Barn was what I ate, later replaced by almond or other nut butters from Herb & Spice. But somehow, sometime during my pregnancy, I started eating the crappy stuff. I think it started with a sudden craving for peanut butter that could only be dealt with by picking up whatever peanut butter they had at 7-11. Or maybe it was a sudden need for sugar and there were no jelly beans to be found. Either way, a tub of the stuff ended up in our cupboard and has remained a permanent fixture ever since. A. has taken to having PB&J sandwiches at night and he doesn’t mind the Kraft garbage so I guess that’s part of the problem. But I’m eating it too. Still. In fact, every morning since A. went back to work, I have had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with coffee. It’s just so easy! But I always, always feel gross afterward. And hungry.

Enough is enough. Before I was pregnant, I used to eat steel cut oats with wheat germ and dates in the morning. This is what I had for breakfast today thanks to my shiny new microwave which cut the cooking time down significantly. Hoorah for modern day conveniences!

Oh dear. The Budsie he stirs. I had other things to say but they’ll have to wait. Only a dull resolution for now, folks.


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