feb 17: ezmy resolves to…

…go for a walk with Budsie every day, even if it’s raining or snowing lightly.

I feel just blech-y lately and I’m pretty sure it’s lack of exercise. This often happens to me in the winter because I’m not one of those die hard runners who can sprint out into the crisp -25°C weather, big smile on the face, wearing a leotard, goggles and funny cleats. How do these people breath with all that cold air? I don’t understand it.

I’m also not going to the gym because that’s a luxury I just cannot afford, time or money-wise. I used to love going to the gym. I was a 5am to 6am kind of gym girl, in part because it got the workout done with early but also because there was always a free cardio machine or set of weights at that ungodly hour. And I never had to wait for a shower or steam. Oh the days of corporate jobs and regular schedules. Sigh.

I need exercise or I go nutty. Clearly, though, I’m going to have to get more creative with what I do for exercise this winter. I need something exhilarating, something that gets the heart rate going but that can also be done avec baby. And I think a brisk stroller walk ought to do it. Plus it can’t be a bad idea for the little man to go for daily strolls. Shame it’s gross out – swings and such would be a good time for him I think. Stupid snow. You know, I never hated the winter before. Now it just grates my cheese.


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