feb 15: ezmy resolves to…

…always turn the dishwasher on before bed. Unless it’s not full, but it always is. Yeah I know this is kind of a lame resolution but this morning I woke up and two horrible things occurred to me: number one, I hadn’t turned the dishwasher on and number two, this meant that my pumpkin mug wasn’t clean. And it wasn’t even the kind of dirty where I could just hand wash it because it had been sitting in some leftover oatmeal overnight. Sigh. The day just wasn’t quite right after that (although a visit from LG certainly helped).

I know it might seem silly to base the success of one’s day largely on the coffee mug one drinks out of. I don’t care. I simply adore this mug. It fits the perfect amount of coffee in it. That is, it fits more liquid awesomeness in it than your average Joe mug. And it’s a pleasing shape; I’m convinced that the slight curve at the top keeps my coffee warmer that much longer. It has a solid handle that is just the right distance away from the coffee mug itself that I don’t burn my giant man hands. And best of all, IT’S SHAPED LIKE A PUMPKIN! Best. Mug. Ever.

Update on other resolutions: the calendar thing is taking some getting used to but I’m determined. On the reading front, I’m almost done Love in the Time of Cholera (some hiccups over the last few days in the form of Budsie not sleeping) and I have to say this, even if it makes me a jackass: I don’t care for Florentino Ariza. He’s just not my cup of tea, alright? Don’t judge me.


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