feb 12/13: ezmy resolves to…

…make Budsie special breakfasts on Saturdays. Budsie wasn’t much for food this week what with the fever and all. And yesterday he woke up covered in red spots (Fifth Disease, apparently. Sounds life-threatening…isn’t. Maybe a name change is in order. I’m just saying…). So I thought something spiffy for Saturday breakfast might make him feel better. Banana Oatmeal Pancakes went down like gangbusters and it reminded me of when my mum used to make pancakes every so often. Those were the best days – waking up to the smell of cooking food and knowing that you weren’t going to be eating soggy Corn Flakes with too much sneaky sugar that morning (mum didn’t like us adding sugar to our cereal so you had to do it on the sly). So I’ve decided that Budsie will have special breakfasts on Saturdays for as long as I can manage it. Got some nifty ideas for next week from Kids in the Capital. Woot for fun breakfast times!

Oh yes, and today I resolve to do something Winterlude-y. Sad to say, A. and I haven’t been much for Winterlude. It’s always bad timing – him in K-town, me preggers and therefore only interested in acquiring jelly beans and watching bad movies. But this year we are doing it for the kid (and me…I need a Beavertail!). So today we’re going to head out to see what’s what. Exciting Winterlude-y times for the Budsie!

*Updates on previous resolutions: So we did indeed listen to Bloc Party yesterday, an album called ‘Silent Alarm’ which kicked serious ass. Today was supposed to be Vampire Weekend but our CD player broke. Boo! Believe it or not, in a house with two laptops, a desktop, and a CD player we now only having one, ONE, working disc player now. The desktop. Lame.

Concerning the clothing, I have actually managed to put on pants everyday. In the process, I have discovered two new outfits that I didn’t know I could make. Success! I have also resigned myself to the fact that hot pink tights no longer have a place in my wardrobe. Especially hot pink tights with holes in them.


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