ezmy goes winterluding

Update on today’s resolution: resounding success. A., Budsie and I went downtown to take in some ice sculptures and eat Beavertails. Budsie was obviously blown away by the day’s festivities. Have a look at this photo evidence:

his love of ice sculptures was quite inspiring:

and the Beavertails were a clear hit:


Well, A. and I had fun. Capped the day off with a pint at Darcy’s, a pub I haven’t been to since before I was pregnant. Great pub, with highchairs but no where to change the kid who decided to empty two days worth of food in one go while we were out. I ended up changing him between the sinks. I think I really grossed out a stylish and very clearly childless lass in the loo. Budsie liked her but she did not reciprocate the smiles. Sorry, Budsie. Not everyone is as easily won over when faced with a Poonami as Mummy is. Hehe.


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