feb 11: ezmy resolves to…

(forgot to post this last night…wine destroys Ezmy’s memory…but it’s oh so good)

…listen to music. Well, different music than I currently listen to. I’m in a bit of a rut, see, and I think for Budsie’s musical education it would be best to move away from all that Queen, at least for a little while.

I’ve never been much of a music buff, particularly when it comes to the purchasing of albums. I guess the fact that I still use the word ‘album’ and refer to the purchasing of albums pretty much speaks for itself. Back when Fialonia was living with me, I was up to date with some top 40 songs. I knew who Rhianna was and, unlike my husband, I didn’t think someone was having a stroke if they said the name Lady Gaga. And later, when I was on preggo bed rest and watching an obscene amount of television, I re-discovered Much Music. So I knew who K$sha and The Biebs were (it’s a shame one can’t un-know things…). But overall, I’m pretty out of the loop. And I don’t go out of my way to find wicked indie music. I just happily listen to the same music I’ve been listening to since I was 16.

A. is much more music savvy, in that I’m-too-cool-for-pop-music kind of way. If there’s a little known but kick ass Indie band out there, odds are my husband has the CD (mixed in with his I-was-a-teenager-in-the-90s collection…Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Tool and, you guessed it, Nirvana). Indeed, the first weekend he came to visit me in Wolfvegas, he brought me a mixed CD (heart!) full of spiffy songs by bands I’d never heard of. Which of course was his sneaky way of saying that if this was going to work, we were NOT going to be listening to Shania, Alanis, Freddy and Joni all day long.

Anyway, marrying A. meant marrying a crazy huge collection of CDs. So the resolution will go something like this: start at top of CD pile 1 of 10 and listen to new album or two each day. Today was Joni Mitchell (what? She was there first!) and tomorrow will be Bloc Party. The Budsie’s musical education begins!


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