feb 14: ezmy resolves to…

…remember important dates. And before you ask, no, I did not forget that today was Valentine’s Day. I am usually on top of that one if only because it almost always means nice flowers for the kitchen table. And I do so enjoy nice flowers.

No, what I’m talking about is birthdays, anniversaries, and the less interesting appointments and payment due dates. I’m simply terrible at remembering these things. Appointments are the worst. Oddly, I do actually write the date and time down somewhere, usually on the computer in a notepad file. But then of course I close this file, saving it under some name that seems direct enough at the time, and promptly forget about it. Weeks later I find the cursed notepad file which Past Ezmy saved under DOC because apparently DOCTOR was too much to write at the time. I’ve also tried reminders on my phone but these inevitably go off when I’m changing a diaper or something. So then I turn it off and say out loud “Ezmy, remember to do that”. And then I forget. Sigh.

So a datebook or calendar of some kind is clearly in order. Maybe someday I will embrace the iPhone calendar function, but for now what I need is to write things down in pen and then say them out loud. I also need to get in the habit of checking this datebook or calendar lest it become just another thing that simply documents my forgetfulness. But this datebook or calendar also needs to be free because Ezmy is short on fundage…what to do?

Enter the Get Fuzzy calendar that resides next to the phone and the bus tickets. This, along with some leftover Post-It tags that I did NOT steal from one of my office jobs, will become my new hard copy memory:

Ok, not the best picture but you get the idea. I will use the blue Post-It tags to denote particularly important appointments, upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, etc. Someday, I may even get Post-It tags in different colours but that purchase is for a day when a writing project pays more than a note on my resume. Organized Ezmy!

Another update on previous resolutions: I found a container of sad looking navy beans in the fridge this morning. Boo. But I will try again! Into the fridge go some hopeful kidney beans for a new stew I’m trying this week. Fingers crossed for these poor little beans.


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