>I’m looking to make a change on the hair front. I’m super bored with my long hair, largely because I don’t have the time to spend on making it look good. Big, thick wavy hair needs constant attention, or at the very least time to diffuse it. And my time is a valuable commodity these days, one best used for showers, writing, and sleep. So lately I’ve been switching between plain, frizzy ponytail and plain, less-frizzy plaits, neither of which are very attractive and both of which lend an air of teen mum that I find unappealing.

Also problematic is Ewan’s newfound love for my hair. I have the best hair for grabbing – plenty of flyaways to grab at, and long. Hence the plaits – they hurt less when pulled. Ewan likes to pull large clumps of hair out of my head (ouch!) and then shove the hair in his mouth. Leading to the third problem with this hair: it’s gagging my son on a daily basis. He’s going to cough up a mum hairball one of these days and I’m going to be ill. Furthermore, not only is it gagging him, but it’s making its way into his diaper, onto his receiving blankets, everywhere. It’s like cat hair only way, way worse.

So it has to go. But how much? And what should it look like? I’m really not sure. Generally speaking, when I make drastic hair changes, it’s because I’ve done something ridiculous to my hair that can only be remedied by a do-over. Case in point: in 2002, I accidentally dyed my shoulder-length hair a vibrant purple (it was supposed to be copper red…don’t ask) and ended up cutting the dye out and bleaching it because I worked at Starbucks and purple hair didn’t work for them (oddly, bleached out sad blonde fuzz was ok…I don’t see how that’s any more “natural” than purple but whatever). This mistake was followed by the leopard print fiasco, after which the only option was to shave it all off. In 2007, I suffered selective amnesia regarding this experience and dyed my long hair jet black, only to realize that growing this out was going to suck. I shaved it all off for charity.

But this time, it’s my choice. And I have some nice, simply highlighted hair to work with. So do I go straight to Pixie or do I make a stop over in Chunky Bob town? I’ve been admiring Carry Mulligan’s hair lately, as well as Emma Watson’s new pixie…hmmm. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need a big change…help!


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  1. >I think you looked adorable when your hair was just starting to grow out from the last shave, it was about the same style as what Emma Watson has now. But I think women with short hair look kickass awesome anyway so I might be biased.

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