>my reality, it does not bite.

>Done! Man I love new haircuts. They really are the best way to get over the where-is-my-life-going blues. Well, maybe not get over, but definitely ignore for a few weeks. Sweetness.

Also handy on this front: Sexy AB visits. My darling fellow Wallace Woman bussed in from Montreal yesterday for a quick little hello and a bottle or two of wine. Awesome times were had. Perhaps my favourite thing about WW visits is the reassuring feeling I get from the conversations. We’re all up in the air; none of us have our shit together. But it’s great because we’re all putting plans in motion and in the meantime, we have each other to bounce ideas off of, complain to about roadblocks, etc. Most helpful.

Oftentimes, after a Sexy AB visit, I like to watch a movie or flip through an album that reminds me of those crazy days when we lived in residence or Toronto together. These activities help to extend the glow from said visit, conveniently numbing the all-too-grown up messiness that is my life at present. Last night I chose to watch “Reality Bites”, a popular flick for Sexy AB and myself and one we used to use as a yardstick for measuring the potential of a guy we were dating. For example, if the guy in question said that he identified with Ethan Hawke’s character, Troy, or at the very least admitted that Ben Stiller’s character, Michael, was kind of lame, then he was rewarded with more dates. If, however, he identified with Michael, he obviously just “didn’t get it” and was more often than not, dumped.


What the fuck is up with Troy and his holier-than-thou, I’m-too-sexy-for-my-Nietzsche attitude? And poor Michael! He’s still a weeny, but it’s sad because there is someone out there for him, someone better than Whiney Whinerston Lelaina. The Lelainas of the world deserve the Troys, as far as I’m concerned. “Oh whoa is me, I got fired because I purposely tried to and then I couldn’t find the job of my dreams at 23. Oh no, my dad gave me a BMW. Oh, and two hot guys like me. Waaah.” Gawd.

I’ll admit, there’s a lot about this movie that still appeals to me. For instance, the theme of ‘why haven’t I done more by now’…I get that. The anticlimactic nature of completing a BA (where are my 6 figure salary job offerings?)…I get that too. And some important issues are touched on, such as sexual freedom, helplessness, and the crushing weight of too many options. All good stuff. But the good stuff is overcome by the product placement, the caricatures of men (although early twenty-something Ezmy certainly did run into the odd Troy or Michael, and really did hate when the Michaels tried too hard and the Troys didn’t try at all), the waah waah romance, and the fact that you just want to throttle Lelaina.

I think Sexy AB is right – the reason this movie no longer works for me is that I’ve lost my angst (I texted her in horror when I realized that my love for Troy was waning while my sympathy for Michael was growing). Afterall, I have nothing to be angsty about. I no longer have any reason to sit in my room, burn incense, write bad poetry about dismal life events I can’t begin to comprehend, and chain smoke out my window. And I’m too busy for such self-indulgent behaviour anyway. Sad, really, but I almost miss it. What a deliciously selfish and simple time of my life that was. Maybe that’s why I want to throttle Lelaina. I miss the days when she was me.


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