>squirrel guilt

>I spend each morning reading to the kid from the Globe and Mail, CBC, and BBC news. I do this while sipping coffee from my pumpkin mug and munching on almond butter coated toast. It’s a nice routine but it only works if I’ve had more than 4 hours sleep. Anything less and I need to ease into the day a bit; this means I still open with coffee but Budsie and I watch a little tellie before our news. Lately this tellie has been The West Wing. We own all seven seasons and I feel as though this show, while Americana-y and a bit cheesy, can be educational. I explain different aspects of the American government to the kid while refreshing my own brain on the subject. I draw parallels between the show and current political events in the US. Yeah, I’m one of those mums.

But this morning we’re watching an episode from season three and I’m not in the mood to chat about it and I like to think that Budsie isn’t in the mood to learn just now. Neither of us had much sleep last night so it’s going to be a quiet and slow morning. Indeed, he’s all maxed out across the front of me right now, snoring. So I’m sort of just lying here, half paying attention to Josh and Donna, and half looking out the window. And while lying here, I’ve noticed a squirrel. I wasn’t paying much attention to him at first but now I’m watching this little squirrel with a great deal of interest. He has gone up and down the tree outside our house at least ten times, each time carrying up a branch that is bigger than he is. Where is he going with these branches? This is a relatively skinny tree – does he have a tiny home in it and how is he fitting all those branches in? Or is he building a small cabin up there? I can’t see the top of the tree so I don’t know. Why does he need to be so busy? I’m always fascinated by little animals being so busy. I guess winter is coming. Huh.

This little squirrel is starting to make me feel lazy. Right, I’m going to go do something. Organize a cupboard or bake something or write a letter. Something to make me look busy to the squirrel…


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