>A bun in ezmy’s oven

So I’m not training for the marathon anymore. Because from what I understand, this is inadvisable when one is pregnant.

That’s right – pregnant. With a baby. Due in early June. Exciting, no?

Reader: “But aren’t you getting married next August?”

ezmy: “Yes.”

Reader: “And didn’t you already buy your dress?”

ezmy: “Yes.”

Reader: “Ummm…”

Alright, alright. So the dress is a problem. But not really. Sure it’s super form fitting right now and sure it’s made of the most unforgiving duchess silk ever. And sure it’s hard (read: impossible) to find strapless nursing bras. But I mean, what’s the worse that can happen? It doesn’t fit. So I adjust it. Or add a decorative sash. Or whatever. Yet everyone I tell about the pregnancy reacts the same way: “Congratulations! Wow, will you be able to fit your dress?”. Like this is the big question to ask. Not “How will you afford this?” or “Are you sure you’re fit to have children?” or “How do you feel about all this?”. Nope. Whether or not I fit my dress is the number one problem I’m going to face in the next year. Ha.

So far, things are good. But it’s early. I feel slightly sicky sometimes but nothing a little food or tea can’t fix. I’m eating air pop popcorn like it’s going out of style. The hardest thing has been giving up coffee, which thankfully I can add back in around the second trimester. That would be November 30 and I’m not going to lie, I’ve got the date circled on my calendar. The second hardest thing: Guinness. My god, but do I miss my beer. I had my first virgin pina colada the other day, which was tasty but…not Guinness. I welcome any virgin cocktail ideas.

So there you go. A wedding and a baby and a change of careers all in the next year….this should be interesting.


2 thoughts on “>A bun in ezmy’s oven

  1. >No, you won't fit in the dress. (At least it's unlikely.. Sure, you may lose all the weight in 6 weeks and have everyone hate you, but your bones move around and your boobs change shape. And if you do lose all the weight, you will probably be fainting etc and that isn't so cool when holding a baby at the alter. )But there are other dresses!!!

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